Internet Funnel Profits Review .

Hey guys , It’s Clarissa again and today i’ll be examining the legitimacy of another program .

Lately I have been hearing of this new program, “Internet Funnel Profits”. The program seems to promise its users a more than substantial income with little to no work. I’ve been keeping a close eye on this program, and I will tell you all that you need to know about it. Continue reading for my entire review on this program.

What is Internet Funnel Profits ?

Internet Funnel Profits is a program that pledges its users an $10,000 commission rate for every ticket sold. You are also promised $500 if you watch the entire video from start to finish. That is a complete lie, you will not receive that $500. Internet Funnel Profits, is merely a sales funnel to the Ultimate Dot Com also known as UDC System which in return will sell you another program called MOBE.

Do I recommend Internet Funnel Profits?

Absolutely not, the program does not live up to it’s guarantees and lies to its users. You’ll end up losing up to $60,000.

2019 Update ! This Scam Changed Their Name!

Internet Funnel Profits happens to promote a very expensive product called MOBE. In fact, the program has actually been shut down by the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) .

Due to being shut down, Internet Funnel Profits has to find a way to recreate their brand and continue scamming its users.

The new program now goes by MyFunnelProfits and can also be found at

Once you enter your email you will be brought to another program by the name of The Secret Affiliate Machine. Needless to say, both programs are still SCAMS that will eventually cost you thousands more than you ever anticipated.

How does Internet Funnel Profits work?

Internet Funnel Profits happens to be one of the dozen programs that are a part of an entire network of scams. They all go by different names but offer the same opportunity from the two; Ultimate Dot Com Lifestyle or MOBE.

But what is MOBE?

MOBE is a training program where you will be instructed by a mentor how to authorize MOBE products and earn a profit from selling them.

How Much Will Internet Funnel Profits Cost?

Since Internet Funnel Profits is a high ticket opportunity and directs you to MOBE.

In all you should expect to spend about $60,000

As I mentioned previously, I do not recommend you take part in this program, especially a program you have no knowledge of. Beware of this program.

Internet Funnel Profits will only lie and take your money, MOBE on the other hand can possibly earn you cash if you follow the training precisely.

Is Internet Funnel Profits A Scam?

Once more, Internet Funnel Profits is a scam. I do not recommend you take part in this.

Every guarantee that you may have been told are lies and you’ll be preparing yourself to get robbed of thousands of dollars. On the bright side, there are genuine opportunities out there that can actually make you money that are free.

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