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Hey guys, it’s Clarissa. This time around I’ll be reviewing, “Clout Pay”. Several of you insist that I investigate the website’s credibility and overall usefulness. So that is exactly what I’ll be doing, read ahead for some rather important info on Clout Pay.

What’s Clout Pay?

As crazy as it may sound, Clout Pay is actually an Influencer Network. The website has been around since 2015 and has achieved quite some popularity over the years. The site has even gained an estimated amount of 300,000+ users/members.

Run Through of Clout Pay

First Outlook

While reviewing the website, I happened to notice the simplicity in its format. What I mean is, the website didn’t bombard me with any unwanted information. If anything the website kept the most relevant details terse but instructive. This actually came to me as a good sign, I say this because the websites that tend to scam usually give out loads of information to in return give off the feeling of legitimacy.

What do you do?

Clout Pay steps

I’d like to start off by saying the following information is not a joke, there’s no invisible text or anything that may mislead you. There are only two things you do to start earning cash which is, signing up and sharing your referral link. The website gives you an individual referral link that you then share across any of your social media platforms. To gain your referral link you must first sign up with Clout Pay and immediately you shall receive your link. Soon after you’re ready to start earning some easy money.

Sign Up

The sign-up process is relatively easy. After filling out the basic information required you’re quickly prompted to the dashboard. As silly as it may sound the dashboard section was quite exhilarating. Within the dashboard presented the most important factor in your money-making process, the referral link.


The most dependent variable in your money making quest is sharing. I was a bit hesitant on sharing my link only because I didn’t want to lead anyone on with any false information. But despite my second-guessing, I shared the link to all my family and friends on different outlets. A little after a week of sharing I started to see something happen, I was making actual money.

How does Clout Pay work?

Although, after reading some convincing words I know there’s still some skepticism about how Clout Pay actually works. But here’s the breakdown, when you begin to invite your family and friends you actually contribute to generating traffic to the website and broaden ad revenue. Another outcome of sharing the website is welcoming an awareness to any sponsored products which will start an increase in sponsor relations.

Getting Paid

Here’s the most important information you’ve been waiting for, getting paid. The payout process is fast and easy. When you’re ready to receive your profit you simply request your payment.  Payments are sent immediately after you’ve scheduled. There are various methods to receive your money which ranges from PayPal, Cash App, Bitcoin, and even mailed checks if preferred. During the time I decided to payout I took note of how long it took me to receive my pay. I can say Clout Pay has an excellent payout speed because right after paying out I got my notification that my payment had been deposited to my account.

Clout Pay Testimonials

Typically, I never see reviews post their transactions. But after reviewing I was surprised to see that people were actually receiving real-time payments from Clout Pay. This encouraged me to start earning my own cash and get paid. I’m proud to say that thanks to Clout Pay, I have made almost 6000 dollars over the course of one week.


After some first-hand investigation, I can say the Clout Pay is as legit as they come. I can admit I was a bit nervous going into this in fear that I may get scammed but it was the total opposite. Seeing how easy it is to make money I don’t think I’ll ever stop. If anything I’ll make it a side job. I strongly advise you guys to try out Clout Pay and start earning.

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16 thoughts on “Is Clout Pay A Scam? Clout Pay Honest Review

  1. Lol most of these types of sites are scams but this one is real, trust me I tried it and got paid. All that.

  2. I have a job so I only get to work on this on the weekends, but i make almost the same amount of money on this as my job.

  3. As far as I can tell its legit. Im waiting on my first payout and hopefully after it’s instant. Other then waiting 14 days its a easy sign-up, task are a little annoying, but clicks and referrals should be simple if you share your link on your social media site to create traffic. I have no complaints I generated over $400 in a couple days!

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