Is Profit Genesis Reloaded 2.0 a scam?

It’s Clarissa and I will be reviewing the network Profit Genesis Reloaded 2.0. I’ll be informing you guys whether it is real and worth the time or a phony like most of these networks are.

What is it?

To begin with, Profit Genesis Reloaded 2.0 is a training program that like others promise to make you rich at home . Profit Genesis Reloaded 2.0 program is a step by step instructions manual that you have to follow to set up your weekly payments of up to $5,000. But it doesn’t really tell you what exactly you are doing which usually the first warning strike for me and you should proceed with caution from here on .

How does it allegedly work ?

Profit Genesis is the same as all the other hyped up networks that promise you a service. In return you get thousands within seconds . They sell their scam off by trying to pull people in with a believed “secret” or loophole that can help you make thousands online in a few seconds.

What actually happens?

Profit Genesis charges you an entrance fee of $37. Which would seem worth it in return for thousands of dollars weekly right ? What they want from you is to be able to willingly invest in yourself with a fee as small as $37 but in actuality they just take your money and provide you with useless PDFs on setting up shops on eCommerce.

A Few Red Flags On Profit Genesis

  • The Owner is fake
  • The Testimonials are fake
  • The Program is basically a reboot

The Owner Of Profit Genesis

The owner is said to be named David Miller but that is just an alias . In the program they provide a photo of Mr.Miller scuba diving . But that photo is a stolen stock photo online from stock photography. Basically the real owner is hiding because they do not want to be backtracked which is shady.

profit genesis reloaded 2.0 the owner is fake using fake scuba diving stock imagery


Once you do your research , you will find out that the testimonials are actually paid actors who will fake it out for you as long as you write the script . It is safe to say that this is a site you should stay as far away from as possible. Everything about this seems wrong and off . The in-authenticity of it just irks me .


What I mean when I say this is that this program has been done already but just with a different name. The owner is back for more blood in a sense as if they weren’t satisfied with the amount of people they scammed before . If you’re reading this make sure you was stay clear of scams like this. Do your research before jumping into anything it’s very important . You don’t want to lose money thinking you’re going to make it.

Profit Genesis Conclusion

In conclusion , If you came this far you pretty much know that this is a big SCAM. I want to inform you guys to stay clear because I do have your best interest at hand and this will only lose you money which no one likes to do .

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