PayPal Money Adder is a scam

Did you just hear about the PayPal Money Adder and you can’t tell whether or not if it’s a scam​ or a real free money generator?

PayPal Money Adder seems like a cool, free way to add some easy cash to your PayPal account, but does it really perform the way it says it does or it’s a total nonsense?

There are similar tools like PayPal Money Adder out there like NewPaypalHack in this review I am going to go over all the aspects so that you know the truth!

What is Money PayPal Adder ?

Paypal Money Adder also known as Paypal Money Generator is a tool that supposedly can make you easy free money that you can add to your Paypal account.

The tool says that it’s going to hijack PayPal, and that they have done all the hard work for us .

Basically all you’d have to do is enter the email address where you’d like to receive the money on or you can choose to download a free software on your android smartphone  or even on your computer .

But there’s a bit of a catch, to receive your money you must complete a survey offer, there are several surveys you can choose from.

After completing the survey, the requested free PayPal money will be sent to your PayPal. As said by PayPal Money Adder.

Does it actually work or is it just another scam?

Does PayPal Money Adder work?

Sadly, Paypal Money Adder does not work, it’s just another scam, they are not going to send you any money.

If you’re using this tool you’re also putting yourself in a big risk because your identity is at risk with this tool!

This is how Paypal Money Adder works according to them:

  • Enter your PayPal email address
  • download a software on your computer
  • Or you can use your Android phone by installing the Paypal Money Adder app
  • Complete the human verification process
  • enter the amount of money you want to generate
  • complete some paid surveys
  • Click the generate button to send money to your Paypal

The tool wants you to add your Paypal email address and install a suspicious software on your site, that can actually be very risky and can cause more damage than anticipated.

Free PaypalMoney? There is No Such Thing as That!

You should always remember if something is too good to be true, it is, and if someone is giving you something for free there has to be a catch.

That’s the case with Free Paypal Money Adder, Paypal Money Generator or any tool that guarantees free money!

I will be explaining why this is a scam and how they are going to make money off you by lying and manipulating  you into thinking you can actually earn free money.

Can You Earn with PayPal Money Adder?

I promise you Paypal Money Adder is not going to make you any type of money, when you give them your email address or download those dangerous softwares you’ll be putting a lot of things factors in risk.

The developers of Paypal Money Adder are the only ones that are going to make money and by using people who use their tool.

The idea of this tool is to trick you into thinking you can earn free money when in reality they just need you to complete their surveys.

Paypal Money Adder wants you to:

  • Download the free Software on your PC
  • Take Surveys, Play games or complete offers (this is the way Paypal Money Adder makes their own money!)

Once you download the program to your computer which is very dangerous and deceiving you’ll regret it instantly because it will damage your computer by spreading multiple viruses.

Or even worse it might hijack your personal information or use your identity to do illegal stuff online which might result in loads of trouble with serious people.

In regards to the surveys, Paypal Money Adder wants you to complete some offers, they may even get you to play some games or complete offers that ask for your bank account information.

PayPal Money Adder is a Scam..

I hope this review has not only help you understand what Paypal Money Adder is actually is but recognize any similar scams. This program turned out to be a total scam that is only going to harm you.

This program is in fact illegal, using it might get you in lots of trouble.

Do not never download unknown software on your computer because this is going to only harm  it and get a hold of your identity or any other personal qualities.

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